The philosophy at Diekema Hamann is unique; one visit to our office and you are immersed in a culture built on an integrated approach to architecture and engineering. We don't believe in enclosed offices. We don't allow ego to dictate design solutions. We believe, quite simply, that the best solutions are customized to our clients' needs and are developed through interdisciplinary collaboration. Originally established in 1919, DHA selectively draws on its experience of over 90 years to provide professional design and engineering services which meet each client's specific needs. Our firm's reputation is built on our successes in the markets we serve, with both new construction and renovation projects. What sets Diekema Hamann apart is our unique combination of passion and experience; we take pride in offering comprehensive design and engineering services focused on developing the right solutions for our clients' unique challenges.


Diverse leadership with common objectives. The eight partners of Diekema Hamann bring unique perspectives to its management and culture. An avid volleyball player. A voracious reader. A couple of foodies. A Michigan sports fanatic. It's important to the culture of Diekema Hamann that each partner brings personality to the firm on a daily basis. Our firm is energetic, detailed, competitive, and knowledgeable. They are advocates for our clients and accountable to each other. The partners of Diekema Hamann are proud to lead such an exciting company!


  • Norman Hamann

    Growing up, Norm had two strong influencers of architecture in his Dad (Norm Sr.) and his uncle (also Norm!) Both designed and built buildings including their own homes. They collaborated together on several projects with his dad designing and his...

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  • Gabe Alvey

    As I grew up on the construction job site working for my father, l discovered early on that I loved the process of construction and had a great appreciation for the skilled craftsmanship that was required. I was eager to...

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  • Steve Dickerson

    I have always been intrigued by design and construction, the bigger and more complex the better. From remodeling our old farmhouse, to building robots with our high school's FIRST Robotics team, I have always had a passion for making things....

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  • Valerie Wright

    Design has always inspired Valerie and can be found in everything: from the multi-hued neutrals of a fresh egg display at the farmer's market in Montreal to the twilight rich blue color that falls over Assisi or from a leaf...

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  • Phil Nicholson

    Phil was born in Jackson, MI and spent the vast majority of his childhood in Lansing, MI playing every sport imaginable in stiff competition with his two brothers and local friends. Baseball was his first love and high aspirations eventually...

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  • Nate Jones

    Nate is a principal with Diekema Hamann and the managing director for DHE Engineering in Arizona. He is a licensed professional engineer and is focused on healthcare design, specializing in inpatient hospital projects. Nate earned his B.S. degree in Mechanical...

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  • Jon Mulder

    Jon is a mechanical engineer and principal at DHAE. His responsibilities include oversight of the mechanical engineering production and workloads, design, quality review and client management. He has a particular interest in the development of our BIM engineering capabilities. While...

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  • Andy Becker

    Andy was born and raised in northern, lower Michigan and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. It was at MTU where he met his future wife and they moved to the Grand Rapids area...

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