Oct 02

Pedagogy of Space

By: Valerie Wright

This was the title of David Stubb's talk at the VS Furniture North American Days.  David created the Shift+ furniture for VS after seeing a need for more flexible and adaptable furniture in his own school district in Athens, GA.    He literally started making shapes, getting rid of all of the squares and rectangles commonly found in school furniture up to that point, in his garage.  The furniture is part of a culture allowing kids to feel comfortable in their own skin.  It can be re-shaped and designed in such a way that allows for project based learning.  A school to check out is the Panahou School; Great example of using the outdoors as part of the learning environment.  The free flowing use of the indoor and outdoor spaces foster sustainability.

David referenced several other leaders and thinkers we should be looking at in the designs for our schools:  Maria Montessori, Spencer Kagan, Sugata Mitra, Masao Kinoshita (creating elegant environments), and he even references our good friend Simon Sinek.

David also talked about creating a new common language for our school designs, professional development for these new environments before, during and after, understanding the rectangular dilemma, supporting permissions which allows for different  paces, and experiencing the power of the floor.

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