Jon Mulder

Jon is a mechanical engineer and principal at DHAE. His responsibilities include oversight of the mechanical engineering production and workloads, design, quality review and client management.

He has a particular interest in the development of our BIM engineering capabilities. While our industry has recognized the need for better coordinated projects and has put the burden on mechanical contractors to lead this charge, Jon believes that the better solution is to put this responsibility back in the engineer's hands – which creates an opportunity to look at the whole project cycle from design through construction and ownership, and to find ways to eliminate waste and save dollars at every step.

A lifelong interest and aptitude in math and sciences led Jon to pursue engineering. While he excelled in the differential equations and particle physics components of his education, he will be the first to tell you that you don't need more than an 8th grade math education to do HVAC engineering! While math is a necessary skill to designing mechanical systems, Jon's ability to listen to his clients has resulted in success in this business. Since there is never a single "right" answer in any situation, Jon enjoys taking his understanding of a client's situation, and finding the best fit solution, considering such factors as first cost, maintenance cost, acoustics, aesthetics, and operating cost, to name a few.

Outside of the office, Jon enjoys backpacking, superhero movies, and playing with his kids – whether it's skiing, building a treehouse, or making pinewood derby cars!