Norman Hamann

Growing up, Norm had two strong influencers of architecture in his Dad (Norm Sr.) and his uncle (also Norm!) Both designed and built buildings including their own homes. They collaborated together on several projects with his dad designing and his uncle building. From an early age, he learned the importance of good communication and enjoying your work.

Norm's interest in architecture has always included how context, both physical and historic, shapes a solution. Understanding the context can be as interesting as learning about the materials, methods, and systems of a building. Context is important whether it's a healthcare, educational or historic preservation project. Norm appreciates the privilege of working in a beautifully renovated historic structure. A building (we) saved from eventual demolition. It was transformed into a functional, modern, and timeless working space and serves as a reminder that, when feasible, reinvesting in existing buildings is environmentally responsible.

Diekema Hamann balances the work we are interested in doing with providing our clients with what they need to be successful. We have worked hard at creating expertise that benefits our clients.

Norm is happily married to the lovely Kate (Klein) Hamann, who fortunately said yes when he asked her to marry him (unknowingly) on April Fool's Day. They have two amazing and kind children, (neither of which are named Norman.)