Steve Dickerson

I have always been intrigued by design and construction, the bigger and more complex the better. From remodeling our old farmhouse, to building robots with our high school's FIRST Robotics team, I have always had a passion for making things. It's the atmosphere of optimistic growth and positive change that I find appealing; the satisfaction that comes when you work with a good team to accomplish something big and bold. Healthcare Design allows me to work on these large complicated projects as part of an experienced team. It also gives me an opportunity to learn the science behind the latest healthcare technology such as MRI's, robotic surgery and Proton Beam Therapy. I continue to be honored to work on healthcare projects within VA Medical Centers. Interacting with veterans and VA staff gives me a chance to show my respect and appreciation for their service. I have always been interested in military history and working with them gives me an occasional glimpse into their personal experiences.