Valerie Wright

Design has always inspired Valerie and can be found in everything: from the multi-hued neutrals of a fresh egg display at the farmer's market in Montreal to the twilight rich blue color that falls over Assisi or from a leaf picked up walking around my neighborhood. This design awareness took hold at a very young age from travels, immersing her in new sights and sounds. Valerie exercised the great gift of imagination through reading extensively and widely and because of that gift, it has allowed her to visualize projects in their completion.

The factual part of the design process was honed and rooted in Michigan State University's College of Human Ecology. The interior design major, at its core, placed immense importance on the whole human and their direct relationship with the built environment. This was integral to everything they designed and continues to be a central part of her design process and mentoring today.

As a principal at Diekema Hamann Architecture, Valerie believes those human environment values extend to everything that we do, particularly in the primary markets in which we work, healthcare and education. Our care and respect for the patients, staff, children, and educators is paramount. Designing environments that allow people to heal, learn, worship, and work is our contribution to the greater society.