Bronson Battle Creek Birth Center

Tags: Architecture, Engineering, Healthcare

Entry experience, a more functional layout of the nursery, and decentralization of nurse stations were major design goals for Bronson Battle Creek Hospital for the 4,400 sq. ft. renovation of their Birth Center. A new layout was designed that would decentralize the one large nurse station into three smaller nurse stations dispersed throughout the floor. In addition, existing level 1 and level 2 nurseries were renovated to make one large level 2 nursery with one well baby room and two private rooms; encouraging parents to spend more time with their newborn in the patient room. The project also included the addition of a medication room, nursery exam room, and a breastfeeding consultation room. Security was improved by relocating the entrance to the Birth Center and moving the access to the waiting room outside of the doors. Updated interior finishes were designed to add cohesiveness to the birth center by matching the previously refinished patient rooms.

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