Grand Rapids Christian Schools Elementary School

Grand Rapids Christian Schools - Elementary

Tags: Education, Engineering, Interior Design

Diekema Hamann, working in conjunction with AMDG Architects of Grand Rapids, has been retained to assist the GRCS in design of a new facility to house a consolidated elementary school replacing the system's four current elementary buildings.

Diekema Hamann will be involved in visioning sessions to determine the school's teaching structure and will lead the development of the education specification. Diekema Hamann will also work with AMDG on the building design and will provide mechanical and electrical engineering services for the project.

The Grand Rapids Christian Schools is currently considering two sites for this new program, the site of one of their current elementary schools and the site of a vacant public school building. Diekema Hamann is assisting with the evolution of the potential sites and with the determination of whether renovation of existing facilities or construction of a new building would best meet the school system's needs.

Due to a desire by the owner to reduce energy use and take responsibility for the environment, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is being pursued for this project.

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