Hackett Catholic Central High School

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Hackett Catholic Central High School wanted to provide additional space for classes that were being held in other buildings or in makeshift classrooms. They also wanted to improve their technology instruction by adding a computer lab with 30 stations to specifically provide the most modern technology, yet allow flexibility for future technological changes. In addition to the teaching space, they wanted new toilet facilities closer to the classrooms.

Diekema Hamann designed a 9800 sq. ft. addition to the north of the school to house five general classrooms, computer lab, technology office, tech hub room and men's and women's toilet rooms. The addition is designed to blend with the existing building's fac?ade and allow for future growth to either the north or east.

Classrooms have approximately 900 sq. ft. of space with vertical unit ventilators that will provide both heat and air-conditioning to the spaces. Masonry walls will support a steel roof framing and metal deck.

Additionally, Diekema Hamann completed a recent renovation of the science classrooms to bring current technology and innovation into the school. A fast-paced project, this renovation was designed and constructed without interrupting the school year.

Project Includes

  • Computer Lab
  • Technology Office
  • 900 sq. ft. Classrooms
  • New Science Classrooms

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