Allegiance Pain Center

Tags: Architecture, Engineering, Healthcare

Located in the new Specialty Center, Allegiance Pain Management Center offers multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach for the evaluation and treatment of your pain ensures comprehensive, specialized care. The team includes physicians who are specialists in pain diagnosis, treatment and management, specially trained nurses, a psychologist, physical and occupational therapists.

Coming from a linear, segmented space, the staff worked closely with Diekema Hamann to create an open environment that increases site lines for patient monitoring, offers opportunities for staff communication, and improves throughput. 10 prep/recovery bays are organized around a central nurse station support 2 lead-lined procedure rooms. 4 exam rooms support the practice and a new staff work area provides efficient check-in and check-out functions. The interior finishes coordinate with the rest of the Specialty Center providing Allegiance a unified patient- care environment.

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