Battle Creek Health System Emergency Department

Tags: Healthcare

The emergency department is quickly becoming one of the most critical and challenging areas of the hospital. Diekema Hamann was contracted by Battle Creek Health System to renovate their existing ED and design an addition to expand capacity. Before starting the design process, Diekema Hamann brought in nationally recognized Emergency Department Specialist Jim Lennon to analyze various expansion/renovation options. Lennon applied his cutting edge research in emergency department design by collecting site specific throughput data and applying time-elapsed computer simulations to various design concepts.

The process resulted in a 19,000 s.f. expansion and 8,000 s.f. renovation of the emergency department. Diekema Hamann Architecture and Lennon Associates incorporated a linear plan concept. This concept conveniently separates patient and staff flow within the department therefore creating a more efficient environment for patient treatment and increased patient comfort.

Keys to Success

  • Careful analysis of the hospital's strategic direction led Diekema Hamann to suggest the involvement of a specialist to explore cutting edge data simulation and design options.
  • The design team had members working from California, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. Regular video conferencing allowed the team to work seamlessly and communicate face-to-face.
  • Battle Creek Health System had a clear set of criteria to gauge success: clinical excellence, patient experience, maximum throughput.

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