Bronson Cardiac Catheterization Suite

Tags: Healthcare

Constant changes in technology and the need to plan for growth prompted the development of a new cardiac catheterization unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Diekema Hamann worked closely with the staff, traveling to signature sites throughout the country, when planning the new suite within the award winning hospital. Bronson wanted the design to be cutting-edge and allow the staff to function more efficiently.

Similar to a surgical suite, the new labs were organized around a staff work core with patients entering from public hallways on the opposite side of the rooms. This enclosed work core improves the patient experience as all support functions are hidden from view before, during, and after the procedure. The effectiveness of the staff is increased as supplies are readily available within the core and all labs are easily monitored from a central location.

Project Includes

  • 12 preparation/recovery rooms designed as licensable in-patient rooms for future needs.
  • 4 fully equipped cardiac catheterization labs with a fifth shelled for future expansion.
  • Control Rooms are integrated within each lab for easy communication during a procedure.

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