Bronson Methodist Hospital - North Campus

Tags: Healthcare

With over 20 years of working together, Diekema Hamann has truly become an extension of Bronson Methodist Hospital. When the healthcare system contracted SBRA of Boston to design their $175 million South Campus Replacement Hospital, Diekema Hamann served as the local architect and owner's representative. Five years later, when the hospital's growth left the new campus bursting at the seams, Bronson worked with Diekema Hamann on a master plan to redevelop the original North Campus.

With Diekema Hamann's help, numerous scenarios were analyzed by the executive team at Bronson, looking at which service-lines would best be served in the renovated North Campus. The group ultimately determined the long-term strategic goals of the healthcare system would best be served by creating a children's hospital in the buildings vacated when the new campus was constructed. Through strategic brainstorming sessions and programming meetings, the first step would be to develop Bronson BirthPlace in the five-story North Pavilion. Diekema Hamann led the master planning process and has completed all of the design work for the North Campus Redevelopment to date.

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