Harbor Hospice of Muskegon

Tags: Healthcare

Eager to develop a residential facility for actively growing services, Hospice of Muskegon-Oceana approached Diekema Hamann Architecture to help them bring their goals to fruition.

Listening was a key component to the entire project process. As the programming stages began, we asked the multi-faceted team to use words to describe their vision of the facility. These descriptive adjectives and verbs then became the basis for the upcoming stages and development of the structure. The next stage involved the team reviewing adjacency diagrams and responding to the proximity of resident, staff and family areas. These early stages of the project focused on the mission of the Hospice caregivers, but also how the building could and should react to these values. Diekema Hamann offered visual tools such as photo boards and adjacency diagrams to direct the conversations and glean input from the varied disciplines within the team.

Patient rooms and bed locations have been carefully placed for their views of the wooded site. This spirited and knowledgeable group of caregivers take pride in a residence that is the outcome of their dedicated approach and careful attention to the details that create an environment for the special needs of hospice care.

In 2010 Diekema Hamann assisted Harbor Hospice in obtaining dual licensure for 8 of their 14 resident beds.

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