Oakland Centre Adult Day Care Facility

Tags: Healthcare

After several years of committed service to those needing end of life care in the Kalamazoo area, Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan was eager to expand their services with a new program model for older adults in need of day care. After finding an existing building, they came to DHAE with the exciting opportunity to create a facility that would offer a respite from morning to afternoon for families caring for aging adults at home. Based on the medical model, the clients find a place to gather with caregivers and others in need to benefit from services such as physical and motion therapy, social interaction, a hair salon, visiting physician services, bathing and hygiene care, and the pleasure of a catered meal. A new canopy shelters the drop-off area from Michigan weather conditions. The new patio and garden safely encloses clients while giving easy access from the main dining area.

The second floor of Oakland Centre provides grief and loss services offered by Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan to families of all ages. Families can gather for a meal in the large dining room before breaking off into professionally-lead sessions in rooms specially designed for each age bracket. Teens and children have creative spaces while the adults enjoy a peaceful retreat to share thoughts. A library and private counseling rooms offer places to learn together or listen in a private setting. The wooded view that surrounds the building is enjoyed by the staff whose offices complete the floor plan.

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