Oakview Terrace

Tags: Architecture, Engineering, Healthcare

Park Village Pine's motto is "A unique senior campus committed to professional care with a strong emphasis in Christianity."

This senior living community consist of three different buildings; Park Village Pines, Oakview Terrace, and Crystal Woods. Diekema Hamann was selected to provide complete design services for a 30-bed Home for the Aged addition to the Oakview Terrace campus. The new facility creates a connected campus and completes a philosophical vision of extending the continuum of care. Oakview Terrace was designed for residents who require specialized care because of failing health, on-going illness, or physical mobility limitations. The new facility allows residents to be transported effortlessly and provide a higher level of acute care for residents without being transferred off campus.

The new building provides laundry facilities to serve the entire campus, a new therapy space, administrative offices, conference room, and a new dining room. A light- filled living space with a connected exterior patio takes advantage of the natural views of the site.

Park Village Pines is owned and operated by Kalamazoo Area Christian Retirement Association. KACRA is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing residence for those 60 years or older.

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