Origami Brain Injury Rehab Center Campus Master Plan

Tags: Healthcare

Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center is located on a 35.2 acre site in a rural setting in Mason, MI. Origami has been providing residential and outpatient rehabilitation services on this campus since 1997. In 1998 an initial site master plan was created to look at future development of the site beyond the original structure, the 16 bed Adult Foster Care licensed group home.

Since the first master plan document was created, the development of the site has taken a different direction. The current site development, while modeled after the original master plan, does not adhere to the original design. In September 2012 the leadership of Origami prepared a document outlining the case for preparing a revised master plan, and Origami engaged Diekema Hamann Architecture to create a master plan for the campus. The plan was to be based on adherence to the mission and core values of Origami, current market analysis and projections, and development priorities Origami had identified to support and sustain the growth of services on their site.

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