VAMC Ann Arbor Entry and Ambulatory Care Renovations

Tags: Architecture, Engineering, Government

The Ann Arbor Veteran's Affairs Medical Center has retained Diekema Hamann to design the new Veteran Welcome Center. This facility will act as the new primary entrance into the medical center from both the patient drop off and from the parking deck. This facility will house the main lobby as well as a new gift shop, coffee shop, classrooms, library, information desk, volunteer stations and other administrative functions. The welcome center will create an inviting entrance that will use architectural elements, visual landmarks and natural light as intuitive Wayfinding elements to assist the veterans in navigating to their appointments.

The construction of the Welcome Center will also allow the Primary Care Ambulatory clinics to expand. This project also includes the expansion of various Ambulatory Clinics in the Primary Care center including; Check In, Dietetics, Ambulatory Office space, Veteran Support functions and ambulatory exam rooms. This renovation will help serve the increase in the outpatient veteran population and create a more user friendly process by simplifying circulation, decreasing queuing lines, and upgrading the interior design.

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